For this week’s blog entry I’m providing some comments on Michael Williams’ Image Assignment. Hopefully this will provide some useful feedback both for Michael going forward and to start our in class discussion of his page.

Overall, Michael did an excellent job. His cropping allows him to eliminate a lot of work during the restore phase without losing anything from the photo. Even with that though, there remained quite a few scratches and other defects, which he skillfully removed, leaving a focused and very clean photo.

I am really impressed with the color work on the dress, the lines are very clean and he was able to add color without losing the detail of the shadows and folds. The skin color still looks a little bit off, but skin color is probably the hardest aspect of colorization.

Michael’s engraving matting was also done very well, he was able to add the background in without losing any of the detail of the engraving itself. However, while his background is very close to the color of his webpage, it is still possible to see the slight difference in the color from his image and the website itself.

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