This week was focused on creating my final intermediate project, my “Design” page. For this page, I wanted to go with a entirely new style and organization, breaking from the earlier projects and trying out ideas for how to design and organize my final project. Since I want my final project to be focused on primary sources, I used a photo of a post journal for my background image. Overtop of this was my main content, using a color scheme of various blues that were inspired by the Army uniforms of the day.

I used a couple of fonts (traveling typewriter and vanilla whale) that I felt were connected to my period and topic for the header and the nav menu, but decided that I would stick with a standard font-family for the main body of the page for readability. The page is relatively simple, as my skills with web design, while miles ahead of where they were at the beginning of the semester, are still fairly rudimentary. I did include float over footnotes, and inserted a cropped and underlined photo of the primary source. For my final project I am also considering including a clickable option for the footnotes that would take the user to a full size photo on a new page.



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