The first practicum for my new CLIO wired class on digital history involved establishing a personal domain online (this website and blog). Using Reclaim Hosting and WordPress, the process was surprisingly simple and intuitive, although there is still so much to the site to explore and understand.

This site represents a relatively recent and limited foray into the online world for me…a current google search of my name reveals how limited that presence is…

Due to an unfortunate confluence of my last name and consumer products, the first result (as well as many of the subsequent ones) is for “Affordable Brand Name Furniture.” I am likewise absent from the image results, which are heavily dominated by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Facebook pages for others sharing my name are the fourth result, but due to my privacy settings and the way I structured my profile name, my page does not appear. As I primarily use Facebook for social purposes and not professional connections, I’d like to keep it this way.

Finally, the sixth result leads to my LinkendIn profile, which I need to update with a photo. I should probably also update it to emphasize my current studies over my prior military service.

As it stands, my online presence is pretty sparse. Moving forward I need to update my LinkedIn, and will be adding a (professionally focused) Twitter account later today. I’ll be keeping my Facebook private and personal, so the focus there will be keeping that out of simple searches rather than integrating it with the rest of my online presence. Finally, I need to look at adding an profile, although will be more of a long term project as I build my CV. Next year when I begin work at the United States Military Academy I will also have a page through the History Department there as well. This website will also continue to grow, and hopefully eventually become the “home base” of my online presence as I learn more about how to use it.

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