This week’s readings were almost entirely tutorial in nature, and complemented the practical exercise we worked on in class last week. While last week’s readings dealt with some of the ethical issues surrounding the alteration of photos, this week’s tutorials accepted as given that in today’s Photoshop world we will be changing aspects of images to fit our design goals, and focused on going over some best practices for doing so.

Taken together, the two Lynda classes and the four blog entries (well, three blog entries and a list of link’s to other like-minded blogs) by Carmen Moll covered three of the main image techniques: colorizing/recolorizing, restoration, and ageing. So far I have only really worked a little bit with recoloring in our class exercise, and found it involved way more steps than I expected. For some reason I had an idea that recoloring just involved identifying one know color in an image, and then running a computer program that based on that would figure out and color in all the others (ie in a picture of a Civil War soldier I know his uniform in navy blue, so set that and let the computer do all the rest). Turns out its way harder than that.

Still, this week’s readings, combined with our in class practice, have given me a good tool kit of techniques for working with Photoshop to colorize, restore, or age images. I’m a long way from being an expert on image restoration, but at least now I have a basic understanding, and some sources to look back to when I run into problems. Perhaps the biggest point I’ve taken away however, is just spending the time to try different things until it looks the way you want (sounds similar to my experience with learning HTML/CSS).

One Thought on “Age and Color (Week 8 Readings)

  1. Hi Ben!

    I just wanted you to know that you can tell you’ve been keeping up with all of the tutorials! Between your portfolio page and your typography page, you can tell that you are taking all of the advice to heart and I can’t wait to see your page and your photos when our next assignment is due next week. I know I’m leaning on all of these tutorials and youtube like crazy!

    See you in class!


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